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Westminster/Whittington Recordable Chime Movement

Westminster/Whittington Recordable Chime Movement
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Our new Recordable Chime Movement simply has to be heard to be believed! We started off by giving this new movement a 50mm speaker for great sound quality. Then we added a volume control and a night strike shut off. We also added Westminster and Whittington chimes that sound only on the hour but with an hour count. But then, with a stroke of genius, we added a chime that allows you to record 10 seconds of whatever sounds you wish to record. It could be 10 seconds of your favorite dog barking or 10 seconds of you wishing a loved one a Happy Birthday-whatever you can think of. The Recordable Chime Movement has a built in microphone and a jack to plug in a higher quality microphone if you wish.

Movement Specifications:
• 138mm h x 60mm w x 32mm d
• 15mm threaded shaft length
• 21mm overall shaft length
• 10mm shaft diameter
• 1 x AA battery (not included)

Size of speaker module:
• 82mm h x 61mm w x 38mm d
• 2 x AA battery (not included)

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