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Hermle Chain Driven Grandfather In Westminster Chime

Dials for Grandfather Clocks
: 11204
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8 day movement, Triple Chime Version plays Westminster, Whittington or St Michaels, Moving Moon Roman Dial. Automatic night time silencer, automatic pendulum beat adjustment, automatic chime synchronisation, tuned steel chime assembly, polished brass weight shells, black serpentine hands, lead weights bronze chains, complete with all fixings, clock oil & instructions.

Specifications for 11204

Hermle Code: W1161.053
Description No. of pieces Size mm
Hermle Triple Chime 8 Day 1 G/Father
368.93 Gong Assembly Brass Plated 1 680mm Long
322 Brass Shells, Caps, Fittings 3 60x245
319 4.50kg weights 1 57x245
306 2.50kg weights 2 57x245
PL33 Lyre Pend 165mm Disk 1 165 dia
504 Roman Moving Moon Dial 1 280x280x395
Black Hands Hour/Min 1 120/86
Recommended Case Width 1 350mm
Centre Hand Shaft to Bottom of Pend Disk   1144mm

We recommend that a qualified clock person installs your mechanical clock movements. Incorrect installation and mishandling could result in damage to the movement and would void your warranty.

When removing movement and movement accessories from its box always do so with extreme care. Mishandling can bend parts easily. We check each movement before it leaves our premises to be sure you are receiving perfect goods.

SPECIAL DELIVERY CHARGES APPLY. Freight for this product is $55 within Australia.

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