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About Us

Who is Jonathon Knowles?

Jonathon Knowles Clock Co has been operating for the last 28 years and has grown to be known as the largest supplier of quality clock spare parts and weather instruments this side of the world as well as the makers of Australia's Most Popular Railway Clocks.

In preparing this online shop we have tried to make everything as clear as possible so that your visit to Jonathon Knowles is a good one.


Australia's very popular authentic railway clocks are made by the very busy Jonathon Knowles team. They are made of beautifully finished Australian timber and are enhanced by solid brass bezels. We offer a range of different sizes and styles and dial designs. We also can personalize our clocks. Gifts, presentations, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, fathers and mothers day - any occasion. Your own words written professionally on the dial or a photo or both - a special gift that becomes an heirloom.

Clock Parts: We have a Huge Range of Parts and Spares.

So you're thinking about making a clock or two. Boy oh Boy are you in for some fun and satisfaction. And just think of it - when the jobs done and hanging on the wall, you and everyone else will actually use it - everyday.

Some imagination - a bit of talent - a simple clock movement, hands and numerals, some timber, a hubcap, a CD, an old iron, even an old rowing oar - thats all you need. Drill a hole, assemble the movement and there you have it... a unique clock admired by all.

Quality Guarantee.

We are constantly searching the world for new items with a difference. By travelling so regularly we have created a very close association with all our suppliers. They all know that quality and design are very important to us. All our clock movements come with guarantees of up to 6 years and our fit ups are made for us using only the best components and watch or clock movements - quality is very important to us.

All of our products can be found under the 'Our Products' heading on the left hand side navigation. You simply click through to find the items you need.

Alternatively, if you know what you are looking for you can search for that product and it will show the results that match your enquiry. the search can be as detailed as you want to make it. In the advanced search area you can search for the code number of the product if you happen to know that.

There are a few things that you should be aware of when using this website. the first is that in order to purchase anything you need to register yourself which creates a profile for you. When you are ready to pay for your goods you will be asked to enter your username and password (if you have registered already or we will ask you to create one. This just gives us the details that we need in order to get the goods to you as soon as possible.

You can get lots of helpful information on our "helpful Hints" page

Mechanical Movements

We recommend that a qualified clock person installs your mechanical clock movements. Incorrect installation and mishandling could result in damage to the movement and would void your warranty.

When removing movement and movement accessories from its box always do so with extreme care. Mishandling can bend parts easily. We check each movement before it leaves our premises to be sure you are receiving perfect goods.

If you have any questions and need to contact us please do so and we will endeavour to solve your problem.