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Second Hands for All Movement
Takane movement seconds hands.

Our price: $3.95
ea. inc GST
Seiko High Torque Continuous Sweep Movement
A high torque continuous sweep mini clock movement
that handles hands up to 440mm long and a sweep hand.

Our price: $34.50
Seiko Quartz Double Chime Movement with Removeable speaker

With Pendulum

The double chime movements from SEIKO PRECISION offer the latest technology and superior sound quality. This movement allows you to choose between the traditional Westminster or Whittington chime patterns, both of which feature a partial melody on the quarter hour, and full melody and an hour count on the hour. ALSO NOW AVAILABLE IN NON PENDULUM VERSION Code: 10061A

Our price: $99.95
ea. inc GST
Serpentine hands for Slimline Movements
Serpentine minute and hour hands for Slimline Movements.

Our price: $3.95
ea. inc GST
Serpentine minute and hour hands
When you purchase a Takane movement you get to choose a free set of hands to go with it.

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