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Pendulum Movements


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Pendulum High Torque Movement

This high torque pendulum movement delivers more power to the hands as well as the pendulum. In fact, this movement will run our 438mm balanced hands as well as a 400mm pendulum!

Our price: $34.95
ea. inc GST
Pendulum Movement
Quartex Pendulum Movement

Our price: $23.95
ea. inc GST
Rotary Pendulum Drive
The rotary pendulum drive mechanism supports and drives a 45mm diameter rotary pendulum from the bottom.

Our price: $29.95
ea. inc GST
Heavy Duty Pendulum Accessories
3 Varieties of Pendulum Accessories.

Photo does not show size comparison acurately.

Price below show price of C set of 2.

Our price: $93.95
ea. inc GST
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