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High Torque Movements


High Torque Movement
High Torque Movement
Slimline high torque movement that is powerful enough to handle minute hands up to 440mm.
Runs on one AA battery and comes with a two year warranty.

Our price: $22.95
ea. inc GST
High Torque Movement
One of the first 'quite step' movements on the market with a stronger High Torque motor. It will run up to a 440mm minute hand with accompanying hour hand. It's more quiet than other movements which makes it great for applications where silence is important. It also has an extended minute hand shaft to provide extra spacing between the hour and minute hand so they don't rub on each other over time.

Our price: $26.50
ea. inc GST
Pendulum High Torque Movement
This high torque pendulum movement delivers more power to the hands as well as the pendulum. In fact, this movement will run our 438mm balanced hands as well as a 400mm pendulum!

Our price: $34.95
ea. inc GST
Seiko High Torque Continuous Sweep Movement
A high torque continuous sweep mini clock movement
that handles hands up to 440mm long and a sweep hand.

Our price: $34.50