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Hermle Cable Driven “Vienna Regulator”

Dials for Grandfather Clocks
: 11200
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Pendulum Type

Weight driven cable movement, half hour strike, automatic pendulum beat adjustment, automatic chime synchronisation, spiral gong mounted at rear, polished brass weight shells, lead weights, hands, cables and pulleys, crank key, fixings clock oil and instructions. With dial and pendulum as shown.


Hermle Code: W0241.840
Description No. of pieces Size mm
Hermle Cable Vienna 8 Day 1 Wall Clock
347 Spiral Gong 1 85mm
366 Brass Shells,Caps, fittings 2 50x180
316 3.60kg Weight 2 48x180
PG35 Grid Pend 115mm disk 1 115 dia
929.06 Roman Dial 180mm dia 1 180 dia
Black Hands Hour/Min 1 76/51
Recommended Case Width   210mm
Centre Hand Shaft to Bottom of Pend Disk   673mm

Prices Include Movement, Dial, Hands, Pendulum.

SPECIAL DELIVERY CHARGES APPLY. Freight for this product is $30 withing Australia.

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