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Helpful Hints

All Westminster Movements

If chimes are a few minutes early or late firmly hold the time setting wheel on back of movement and push the minute hand slightly forward or backward for adjustment.

Choosing your shaft length

Selecting the correct shaft length is important, as you must have sufficient clearance when going through your dial board and when using a glass front on your timepiece. The length of the shaft is determined by the threaded part of the movement. The tip of the shaft where the hands are applied is another 4mm. The barrel nut provided secures your movement to the dial. Measure the thickness of the material, which the shaft must protrude. Allow an extra 3mm for hardware and clearance off the dial.

Movements come with a metal hanger. Please note your project should be less than 2 kilo's when using this standard hanger. We recommend heavier clocks use another hanging method.

*Be careful NOT to overtighten Barrel Nut (code15101). The use of the Jonathon Knowles Movement Tightener is a good investment.

Note: Always use new/fresh good quality batteries.


Styrene Numerals can be painted any colour you desire - a great idea for those with imagination and wanting a different look. Although these numbers have an adhesives backing we recommend that you use a dab of glue when sticking down.

Metal Dials

Most metal dials come with a protective plastic coating which needs removing before using. When deciding which hands to use, choose a style you like from our range - the length should be about half the size of the time ring diameter.

Bezels / Glass

Please note in some cases it is difficult to use a second hand or cover button with some bezels as glass is curved making the sweep hand impractical - use a cover button instead.

Forstner Bits

Use only at slow speeds.

Mechanical Movements

We recommend that a qualified clock person installs your mechanical clock movements. Incorrect installation and mishandling could result in damage to the movement and would void your warranty.

When removing movement and movement accessories from its box always do so with extreme care. Mishandling can bend parts easily. We check each movement before it leaves our premises to be sure you are receiving perfect goods.

If you have any questions and need to contact us please do so and we will endeavour to solve your problem.